Preliminary information

Preliminary information of the Russian Federation customs

We provide services prior notification of customs authorities of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus 17.06.2012, when the decision of the Commission of the Customs Union on 09.12.2011 № 899 "On the introduction of mandatory preliminary information about goods imported into the customs territory of the Customs Union by motor transport" was compulsory prior awareness in respect of goods transported through the customs border of the Customs Union by road.

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Preliminary information of EU customs

Preliminary information of customs bodies of the EU is mandatory from 1 January 2011. According to the requirements of Council Regulation № 2913/92, establishing the EU Customs Code and Commission Regulation № 2454/93, which determines the application provisions of the Customs Code of the EU declaration is submitted at least 1 hour before the arrival of the goods at the border crossing.

We provide preliminary information services at all Latvian border checkpoints.

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